Organic Vegetable Options at Gaisano Super Metro Ayala, Cebu

I like the grocery of Gaisano Super Metro in Ayala, Cebu as they carry organic vegetables, though limited. Their other not labeled organic vegetables also appears to be very fresh as their roots are still intact. If I happen to be there, I always make sure to have a quick peek of the vegetable area of Super Metro’s grocery.

Their organic vegetables are being supplied by Green Organics, contact numbers 0917 320 1238 and 0922 876 1220.

Organic Fresh Green Tea Leaves by Green Organics available in Super Metro Ayala, Cebu

They have lots of organic fresh herbs. Most of the fresh organic herbs I’d found on the shelf are: tarragon, oregano, rosemary, dill, sage, and lavender.

organic fresh herbs at super metro gaisano in ayala, cebu, philippines

For organic vegetables, you can find aragula, mixed vegetable salad pack which contains aragula, lettuce and others.  They also have organic tomatoes in cherry and japanese variety.

fresh organic vegetables - lettuce, aragula -- from green organics displayed at gaisano super metro ayala cebu philippines

organic fresh tomato sold at gaisano super metro ayala cebu philippines as supplied by green organics

Another interesting vegetable item I found in Gaisano Super Metro’s grocery is tumeric. In Bisaya / Cebu, we call it dulaw. It looks like ginger, the one we are more familiar with and is more locally available, but is smaller. Both Tumeric and ginger are known to contain anti-inflammatory substance. But tumeric is known to have more potent anti-inflammatory effect.

tumeric in gaisano super metro grocery ayala cebu philippines

I find myself going their once a week, after my yet once a week yoga, to pick up a few items: Green Organic’s veggie salad mix, tomatoes and whatever is available. Other non-organic items I would pick up are black mushroom, tofu, and vegetables with roots still intact.

So these were the items I got last week,

at the cashier’s counter

fresh organic vegetable aragula, veggie salad mix (lettuce), tomatoes. not organic tofu, mushroom, cilantro / yansoy at gaisano super metro ayala cebu philippines

at our table

organic veggie salad with a dash of singkamas, orange, and sweet lemony dressing

One thought on “Organic Vegetable Options at Gaisano Super Metro Ayala, Cebu

  1. if you want a really certified organic products it is exclusively distributed at SM and PARKMALL only labeled as CRIS-OLIVER ORGANIC under SHARON’S ORGANIC business name… this is with organic certification by NICERT

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